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Lightbulb Differences with Priority One Electric

Home owners have a lot of options when choosing the lightbulbs to use in their homes. Priority One Electric, electrical specialists in Southern California, provides a breakdown of the most common types of bulbs, their advantages, and potential electrical hazards.

Incandescent: Perhaps the most widely used lightbulb in the United States, incandescent bulbs have long provided homes with steady, even light at a low per-bulb cost. Despite their popularity, these bulbs lose much of the energy through heat loss and are not considered very efficient.

Fluorescent: Fluorescent bulbs are very efficient and produce little heat. In addition, these bulbs can last 10 to 20 times longer than their incandescent counterparts. One of the main contentions regarding fluorescent lights is the fact that the bulbs contain a small amount of mercury, a toxic substance. It is recommended that owners of fluorescent bulbs contact their waste services provider to learn about proper bulb disposal.

Halogen: Halogen bulbs are a close cousin to incandescent technology in that they both use a tungsten filament. The advantage of halogen bulbs is that they are slightly more efficient and burn with a more brilliant, “whiter” light. The brilliant light comes with a cost: These bulbs burn incredibly hot and can pose an electrical hazard depending on their placement. In addition, these bulbs are more expensive than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs.

Priority One Electric provides customers with diagnosis and emergency repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Experienced electricians in the company are known in Los Angeles and surrounding counties for their professional approach and dedication to safety.


Priority 1 Electric Advises on Being Energy Smart

As the green movement becomes more widespread, people are considering ways to alter their lifestyles. Many recognize the potential for reducing carbon emissions by making changes to their homes. In addition to helping the earth, these fixes can also save homeowners money on energy, heating, and other bills.

Changing lights from traditional bulbs to ENERGY STAR-approved ones serves as a popular and easy way to become energy smart. Purchasing other ENERGY STAR-approved products such as appliances, cooling equipment, and home electronics can further aid in this process. A do-it-yourself project, sealing air leaks and insulting one’s home also help because these measures improve the flow of cool air while retaining heat. Decreasing one’s water usage also contributes towards a healthier earth due to the large amounts of power utilized by purification plants. Finally, recycling plays a big role in the long-term green outlook.

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Although the previous article described things people can do by themselves, qualified electricians such as those from the California-based company Priority 1 Electric can make a home even more energy smart, cost-efficient, and environmentally friendly.