Priority One Electric Discusses Aluminum Wiring

From the mid-1960s until the mid-1970s, aluminum wiring replaced copper wiring as the standard for residential electrical systems due to its lower costs. However, the new metal possessed defects that made it a less than suitable substitute.

Aluminum requires greater care and attention to operate at its optimum, and neglected wires can become electrical hazards. The higher electrical resistance of aluminum compared to copper necessitates that its conductors have a larger diameter to move the same amount of electricity. Less flexible than copper, aluminum breaks, corrodes, and rusts faster while also being more malleable and thus easier to deform.

People who want to determine if their residence contains aluminum wiring should contact a local electrician to perform an inspection.

About Priority One Electric:

With professional electricians such as Mike Sullivan and Dan Horan, Priority One Electric improves the safety of its clients’ houses, such as by removing aluminum wiring. To make an appointment with this firm and its many California locations, log onto


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