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Priority One Electric: Potential Causes of Flickering Bulbs

Priority One Electric, located in towns throughout Southern California, is a premier provider of electrician services. From emergency services to flickering bulbs, Priority One is well-versed in the root causes of electrical problems.

Energy Efficient Light BulbOutlets that don’t work, circuits that trip and even flickering bulbs can all be indicators of the electrical health of your house. It takes an experienced electrician to locate the source and diagnose the problem.

Flickering bulbs can be caused by something as simple as a fluorescent lightbulb that needs tightening or replacing. But, flickering can also indicate a faulty connection that, for safety reasons, should only be looked at by an electrical contractor. Fluctuating voltage can also be a source of flickering bulbs and will typically affect other electronics and appliances, such as refrigerators, microwaves and large screen TVs, possibly causing permanent damage.

In addition, household pests, such as squirrels, rats, or other rodents, may chew through wires, lending to another reason behind flickering bulbs. A qualified electrician will locate the source of the electrical and safety problem and help the homeowner come up with the best solution to repair and prevent future problems.