About Priority One Electric

Priority One Electric croppedSince 1999, Priority One Electric has provided residential communities throughout Los Angeles, Ventura, and Santa Barbara counties with high-quality and dependable electrical service. Priority One Electric’s insured, licensed, and bonded professionals are experts in electrical system troubleshooting. They find ways of repairing problems and replacing existing systems that are outmoded or insufficient in capacity, often posing safety risks to residents. The trained technicians at Priority One Electric investigate issues such as circuits that trip repeatedly, burning smells, flickering lights, buzzing sounds, and unexpectedly dimming and brightening bulbs.

At Priority One Electric, the professionals often begin the troubleshooting process by thoroughly examining the equipment at the heart of any electrical system: the circuit breaker panel. A critical electrical safety feature, the panel mitigates potential dangers posed by fires and other hazards. Priority One Electric specializes in safe and smart solutions involving the repair and replacement of panel components and, when necessary, a complete upgrade. The change is particularly recommended for home owners with Federal Pacific Electric circuit breakers created before 1974 that were not designed with modern energy supply and usage requirements. Properly maintained, a newly installed panel should provide 30 years of safe and efficient service. For more information about Federal Pacific Electric Stab-Lok Panel Hazards and Aluminum Wiring Hazards, find the links on the Priority One Electric website at www.priority1electricandservice.com.

In addition to offering scheduled services, Priority One Electric provides around-the-clock emergency technicians who can effectively restore and provide temporary power, as well as diagnose electrical system problems. In situations requiring further service to repair a major issue, the company assigns a specialist suited to specific residential needs. In assigning a qualified electrician, Priority One Electric selects from a wide professional network and never charges extra travel fees. At Priority One Electric, the professionals take pride in providing customers with power and safety information for all installed wiring and circuit breaker systems. All completed work is accompanied by a warranty with follow-up provided through a customer satisfaction survey telephone phone call. Priority One Electric values its long-term relationships with home owners, offering return customers with discounts and savings for seniors and members of the U.S. military.

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