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Electric Car Charging Stations

Presented by Priority One Electric

As America has continued its path towards “green” living, citizens have recognized the financial and ecological benefits of owning electric cars such as the Chevy Volt. From the start of the electric car movement, a major concern among potential car buyers involved the availability of charging stations.

Three years after the wide-scale introduction of the electric car, the United States Department of Energy recognized more than 10,000 public electric car charging stations. That number does not include private charging stations in one’s personal garage.

Although people can find charging stations near them through the Internet and smart phone apps, they still feature some problems. For example, each station can only handle one car at a time. Additionally, one needs to spend an excessive amount of time at a station to get a significant amount of fuel; one typical model of electric car only receives 10 miles per hour of charging. However, some stations have recently begun offering a “battery swapping” option where a person can replace his or her car’s drained battery with a fresh, fully charged one.

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