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Wiring a Jacuzzi By Priority One Electric Staff Writer

People who are interested in installing a spa, hot tub, or jacuzzi in their backyards must take into account certain safety considerations. The National Electric Code contains an entire section dedicated to regulations for these additions. Most jacuzzis run on a 220-volt, 50-amp circuit that runs the heater, lights, pumps, and other devices. While the majority of houses feature main service panels that can handle this amount of electricity, a homeowner should ensure that this is true for his or her own residence.

Aside from the main service panels, there are many other aspects involved in setting up a jacuzzi. The jacuzzi must be within five feet of a quick disconnect ground fault circuit interrupter. Also, installers need to dig a trench that is at least 18 inches deep and string electrical cables and conduits through the trench, placing metal caution tape approximately one foot above the wires. Additionally, people should not place the Jacuzzi under power lines, put low-voltage lighting near it, or bury wiring beneath it. However, the most important rule before starting on this endeavor is to contact a qualified electrician who can evaluate the house and the property to determine the feasibility and best location for the Jacuzzi.

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